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The short answer is NO.  You must continue to pay your rent as you would if you hadn't received this notice.  As of right now if you was to move out and not continue to pay rent the landlord could serve you with an eviction notice.  Until the actual trustee sale you and the landlord are still in a contract.  The owner can come in anytime prior to this sale and get caught up with the payments and the sale never takes place. 

While it may be unethical for this situation to take place currently there is no legislation to prevent this from happening.  The main thing is to make sure who is holding your deposits and are they safe.  If you are working with a property management company and they have your deposits you are usually going to get these returned.  If you are renting directly from the landlord and they have your deposits it will be more difficult to get them returned.

How much is the Application Fee?
Single applicant: $35.00
Two or more applicant: $50.00

If no homes are available for you now, you may get "pre-approved" by submitting a completed application and fee along with details of the home you seek.

Once approved, you will be first in line on the next available home that fits your guidelines. (Many homes never make the available list due to this procedure)

You may obtain an application on line, email or fax.

Application form must be turned in to one of our Sales Associate  in person by fax or email. Always include  a valid photo ID, social security card and recent pay stubs.

How much is Security Deposit?

Single Family Homes, Duplexes, Town Homes and Condos:
determined by the following formula
1. Security Deposit is equivalent to one month's rent.
2. For example, a home with $900 Rent will have deposit of $900.

Can I put a "RENTAL DEPOSIT to HOLD" with my Application?

Providing there is no approved application pending, you may put a rental deposit to hold on a home when you submit your application. 

Once approved, your rental deposit to hold money will be used for funds needed to complete the rental agreement process. (Amount will put towards your first month's rent)

If you are approved and decide against renting the home, you will forfeit the DEPOSIT TO HOLD money. If you are not approved, your RENTAL DEPOSIT to hold money will be returned to you within 30 days.             A rental deposit to hold a unit is ONLY good for 30 days  

How do I qualify?
Our requirement standards for qualifying to rent a home are simple and fair.

They are:
 1.Your gross monthly income must equal approximately three times the monthly       
     rent of your home.
 2. A favorable credit history.
 3. Be employed or furnish acceptable proof of required income.
 4. Good references from previous Landlords.
 5. Four years rental history
 6. Occupant limits of 2 persons per bedroom.
 7. Additional deposit maybe required if you have an eviction in the last 3 years

 We look forward to working with you. J D Homes is committed to provide equal professional service without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin of any prospective client or customer.   

How long does it take?

Take priority over "expected available" soon.
We try to complete your application within 24 - 48 hours on business days. 
Sometimes processing takes longer due to items beyond our control.
Such things as verifying your rental history sometimes requires written or faxed requests and former

Landlords do not always make you their top priority; however, we are successful at processing your application within 24hrs in most cases.

IMPORTANT: Once approved, You have 24hrs to properly complete your rental agreement or J D Homes Investment  may move on to the next application for this property. We apologize for this 24 hour rule; but this prevents more problems than it causes.    For example, imagine you want the home on 23 Mallard Way and you learned that an approved applicant is in front of you. You know that they have 24 hours from the time they are approved before they disqualify their own application for not showing up, and now you can rent the home you wanted. How long would you want to wait? Each day delayed is also another day of lost rent. Although this policy seems strict, it really does prevent problems instead of causing problems.  

Pets may be allowed
 Safe and legal animals that do not damage or reduce the value of a property may be allowed with a pet       deposit. ($350.00)

 If you have a pet please get approval before processing your application

 Again, animals that are your pets must be:
          - safe
          - allowed by all local laws, regulations,etc.
          - not pose a threat, hazard, or nuisance to others or property

If your animal complies with these guidelines, your pet will be accepted. The ONLY exception would be a property owner who specifically states in their management contract that no animals are allowed.

Do You Rent to Section 8?

The Section 8 program is a federal subsidized housing program.  All our homes participate in the Housing Choice Program. Your Housing Choice Voucher is based upon number of bedrooms.
The dollar amount listed on your voucher is for rent that includes ALL UTILITIES furnished with rent.
Almost all single family homes for rent do NOT include utilities with the rent.

When phoning the office, YOU will be asked the following:
- Are you a Housing Choice Recipient?
- Have you attended your briefing ?
- How many bedrooms on your Housing Choice Voucher?


Providing Section 8  agrees to the rent amount, many homes are available to the  Section 8 program. Unfortunately, there are many homes with rent that exceeds the maximum allowed by the Section 8 program; therefore, preventing participating families from pursuing these homes.

What should I consider before looking for a Home?

Even before starting to look at homes, find out what price home you can afford.
- In general, you can afford to rent three times your net monthly income.
- More precisely, the price you can afford to pay for a home will depend on three factors:                                    

cash available
outstanding debts

These items listed here are geared specifically for renting a home.
The qualifying standards to rent are much easier than trying to qualify for a home loan to purchase.

The rule of thumb in renting a home is that the monthly rent should not be more than 30% of your net monthly income.